The Spring Center

Just as the season of spring brings to mind images of rebirth and renewed life, the practitioners at the Spring Center in Costa Mesa, CA work in partnership with our patients to rediscover and encourage their most vital health and sense of well-being.  The Spring Center is the medical practice of Kelly McCann, MD, and home to our unique membership program, Partners in Health.  Founded in August 2009, The Spring Center provides primary care for adults, group visits, lectures and consultations in integrative and functional medicine for all ages.

Dr. McCann and her medical staff practice functional and integrative medicine in a team approach, where the patients are seen and supported by all the medical staff.   We spend time to get to know each patient as individuals with their unique histories, genetics and goals.  Previous medical records are reviewed and then we utilize a variety of diagnostic evaluations depending on the symptoms, preferences and needs of the patients.  Choices of testing and other recommendations are determined in dialogue with patient and practitioner.  This is a partnership.  We often incorporate lifestyle and nutrition counseling, encourage stress reduction and exercise programs, perform routine blood work and recommend preventive care.  Additionally, evaluations may include genetics, food sensitivities and gastrointestinal system imbalances, hormones and neurotransmitters assessments, environment and mold toxins, and evaluations for autoimmunity and chronic infections.  We work with many patients with complex medical illnesses and their specialists, including patients with cancer and immune system diseases.  Treatment modalities span from conventional pharmaceuticals and referrals for surgery to nutrition and lifestyle prescriptions, herbs and nutritional supplements, or recommendations for other therapeutic modalities such as acupuncture, osteopathic manipulation or other forms of “hands-on” healing, sauna, psychotherapy and counseling, among others.  Dr. McCann and her staff passionately pursue a partnership with patients, focusing on education and loving support for patients on their journey of health.

Education is critical to the practice of medicine at the Spring Center.  Our goal is to provide knowledge, resources and tools for further understanding the functions of the body, the importance of nutrition to empower patients to make healthy choices for themselves and their families.  We offer group visits and lectures which enable deeper dialogue and exploration into topics of interest such as chronic infections, cardiovascular disease and GI health.