Mission & Philosophy

Our mission is to partner with you on your journey of healing.  Dr. McCann and her staff at the Spring Center are passionately committed to supporting you, educating you and empowering you along this path.  Healing is an innate attribute of all people.  And so, you are the most important part of your healing.  You may be surprised to realize that your beliefs, your thoughts, your feelings can either help or hinder your journey to health.  Your perceptions, your boundaries (or lack of them) greatly impact your sense of wellbeing and control.  It is possible that we will explore these aspects in our sessions together, especially if you share that this is an area of interest you have.  Our minds and body are linked. What affects one, impacts the other and vice versa.  At the Spring Center, we recognize that we all experience pain in the course of our lives, but whether we experience suffering, that is under our control.  This is because suffering is our perception of the pain.  How we view it, how we hold onto it, or how we release it, these reactions will either result in great suffering or peace.  It is our choice how we view the experiences we have in our lives.

Healing may or may not mean cure and healing can occur on many levels; physical, emotional, psychological or spiritual. From my perspective, we facilitate you to discover your own healing.  We help people help themselves. The practice is designed to maximize this goal.  The staff give you the gift of their time.  We take the time to listen, to hear and understand you and your story, your beliefs and your goals.  Each member of the medical team reviews the extensive Medical History prior to your visit, so that we can fully appreciate your concerns and identify the next steps to facilitate the journey.  We consult together frequently to ensure unity in supporting you on your path to healing.

We want you to understand your body, your test results and the need for particular lifestyle and diet modifications. We share our reasoning for particular supplement choices and any other interventions we recommend.  It is our desire for you to flourish so that you can have positive impacts on your own families and communities.

There is no one right way for us to proceed on your journey.  It is your unique health journey and we will partner with you on this path.  And although there is no one right way, the road to wellness does require doing certain things in particular order to achieve the optimal outcome.  Sometimes it appears difficult to see which direction to move when so many things are out of balance.  We work with you to find relief of symptoms while simultaneously uncovering the root causes of the imbalances.  And we will discuss the ideal order of interventions throughout your visits so the path becomes clear as we progress.

This business of helping others help themselves requires significant commitment on your part. It is important that you understand your contributions and responsibilities on this journey. We cannot do the work for you, though I and my entire staff are willing to offer support, hope, and encouragement along the way.