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The Spring Center is the medical practice of
Kelly K McCann, MD

Meet Dr. Kelly K McCann, MD.

Leading expert in Integrative, Functional, and Environmental Medicine.

Many times the clues are in the life stories, so I listen, pull out that history... I get to know our patients, because it's in their life stories that we find the answers....

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Your humanistic, compassionate and thorough approach to patient care and diagnostic is so refreshing.
I feel like I have made a great friend and true advocate for my health.
Dr. Kelly is amazing! A caring, compassionate physician who goes above and beyond to help her patients.
She's been the only physician who has truly helped me in my efforts to heal my illness.
She is remarkable!
I am so grateful I found you because I know there is a solution.
My experience with you and your staff has been amazing.
You are a gift and my angel.
I wanted to express my sincere appreciation for all you have done for me.
I finally got an accurate diagnosis after years of searching and feeling so sick.
I am finally starting to feel better.
You are a gem.
I have found the experience of "going to the doctors" completely reinvented being with you, your staff and your space...
and created a whole new reality about what being a physician actually is.
You are a genius, truly, with what you have created fueled by a profound heart.
Da Vinci had nothing on you...thank you, again.
​Dr. McCann is not only brilliant and compassionate, but also a medical sleuth.
The Spring Center team is just amazing!
They are my cheerleaders and have helped me get my life back,
not only recovering and dealing with my illness but with a newer and healthier version of me.

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