Frequently Asked Questions

Many of your questions can be answered here.

What are the different services you offer?

1. Integrative & Functional Medicine Consultations: Our new patient intake process is fully comprehensive to cover such aspects as family history, social & environmental history, health concerns and preventive care. Your health journey may begin with an Initial Consultation with Dr. McCann or her PA-C. Each new patient experience is personalized with your health goals in mind. During your initial consult, together with the practitioner, will create your treatment plan which will include innovative lab testing, dietary adjustments, body movement /exercise, supplementation and other lifestyle changes. We offer physical exams and other therapies.

As part of your initial assessment at the Spring Center you will also schedule an initial comprehensive physical exam with our PA-C along with an Initial Nutritional Consult. There will be a total of 3 appointments to begin your health journey. See last page for more details.

2. Integrative & Functional Nutrition Consultations: Functional Nutrition Consultations are done remotely via Zoom. Working with our nutritionist is an essential component on your health journey. Food is medicine and medicine is food. ~Hippocrates

3. IV Therapy: We offer a variety of intravenous therapies and injections, addressing issues ranging from general health and wellbeing support to focused treatment. Available IV therapies include nutrients, antioxidants, and targeted therapeutics. As with anything, IV therapy is part of a comprehensive, individualized treatment plan developed between you and our providers, and thus not all patients receive IV treatments, while others may require regular infusions.

Is Dr. McCann accepting new patients?

We are currently not accepting new patients at this time. Please join our mailing list to receive information on our upcoming online Wellness Workshops with Dr. McCann. If you have already had a Discovery Call and have submitted your paperwork, our staff will be in contact with you.

What should I expect once accepted as a patient?

Prior to your appointment the medical staff and practitioners will complete an In-Depth Review of Your Medical History, prepare your chart + create a personalized preliminary plan for your care. During your initial appointment, you will work with the practitioner to decide the plan that will be best suited for you.

You will then have 3 appointments to on-board as a new patient:

  1. In person 60-Minute Consult with Practitioner
  2. In person 30-Minute Initial Physical Assessment + opportunity to ask questions
  3. Virtual Nutritional Consult with Functional Nutritionist

We strongly encourage you to book your follow up appointments once you schedule your initial consult.

Follow Up with Dr. McCann or PA-C, Matt and supplement with Nutritional Consults. You can expect a combination of the following:

  • In-Depth Review of personalized Lab results
  • Personalized treatment plan
  • Customized nutrition plan
  • Professional Line Nutritional supplement recommendations
  • Lifestyle recommendations
  • Recommended educational resources

How long is the wait for an initial appointment?

As Dr. McCann typically books out 2-4 months in advance, the wait time for initial appointments depends on how quickly the new patient process is completed, which provider is being seen, and how full the schedule is at any given time. We like to remind prospective patients that although we will work with you to ensure you understand and have everything you need to complete the new patient process, we do not make urgent new patient appointments. Reading all of the information on the website will be extremely helpful.

What is the wait time to book follow-up appointments?

Dr. McCann typically books out 2-4 months. You may be able to conduct your first visit with our PA-C, Matthew McGarvey to establish as a patient, then complete a follow up with Dr. McCann, depending on your health goals. We STRONGLY encourage all of our patients to schedule their follow-up appointments well in advance to maintain consistent care.

Do I need to see the Physician Assistant and the Functional Nutritionist?

Yes, part of the new patient intake process is to see both Dr. McCann, her PA-C and our Functional Nutritionist. Our office is a team environment with each staff member providing crucial services to support patients. Dr. McCann and Matthew McGarvey, PA-C both see patients depending on the patient’s need. Dr. McCann oversees the care for all patients, and may have them see Matthew for physical exams, urgent appointments, lab review, etc. Sarah, our Functional Nutritionist offers support and guidance for your dietary needs. We deeply trust and support our staff members and request the same from our patients.

Do you offer urgent visits?

We are not set up for urgent visits. We do recommend you have a primary care physician that you can see in urgent concern situations. Due to the nature of the practice, we operate on a consultative basis. If we can accommodate a patient to be seen urgently, we try our best, but encourage patients to see their PCP or visit their local emergency center.

How do I become a patient?

We work on an application basis in order to provide patient care to those patients who are seeking the style of medicine we offer. To get started on the healing journey, we ask you to fill out the New Patient Inquiry Form and tell us about your health concerns. Once you fill out the form, a care coordinator will be in touch with you within a week to make sure that the care we provide fits your health needs.

How does the application process work to become a patient?

First please read all of the information on the FAQ’s page to determine if our style of medicine, cost and mission align with what you are needing.

Second, please fill out a New Patient Inquiry Form and we will then send you the link to schedule a 10 minute Discovery Call with one of our Care Coordinators. During this brief conversation, we can address any additional questions, not listed here and establish if we are a good fit.

Lastly, if all parties are wanting to move ahead, you can fill out the Medical History and Consent Forms and submit via our secure portal. We will contact you once all items have been submitted.

Can I email my new patient paperwork?

We have an online portal that is HIPAA compliant directly on our website. We ask you complete it in its entirety.