Frequently Asked Questions

Many of your questions can be answered here.

Can I schedule my spouse / sibling / parent / adult child / other adult?

We believe that patients with a strong, supportive community can have excellent health outcome. We also believe that taking personal responsibility for one’s health is crucial. We want to develop a relationship with each patient, therefore we ask that able adults contact us to begin their personal journey. Of course, parents are encouraged to facilitate the new patient process for their minor children, although even children greatly benefit from having some responsibility in their healthcare.

Will you order labs prior to my initial visit?

Labs are almost always ordered at the initial visit, but not prior. In order to understand what testing is necessary, our providers will need to thoroughly review your new patient paperwork & records and have a conversation with you about your health needs and goals.

Can you refill prescriptions prior to my initial visit?

Before we can manage your health needs, including prescriptions, we must establish you as a patient. At your initial visit our providers can discuss any medication needs you have and refill prescriptions, if warranted.

How do you take care of getting my previous records?

Once accepted as a patient, it is vital that we receive previous records PRIOR to the initial visit.

What does your FRAGRANCE FREE office policy mean?

We encourage you to avoid using any fragrance products every day. Fragrances and the chemicals they contain can be harmful to your health. Thank you for understanding and complying with this request for a toxin-free environment. This includes fragrance of any kind: body lotion, body wash, perfume, hair products (shampoo, conditioner, hair spray), fabric softener, laundry detergent.