Pricing and Fees

Functional, Integrative and Environmental Medical Services

We are a hybrid model of both cash and insurance.

At The Spring Center, we offer a unique medical practice that includes insurance as part of the reimbursement for services. However, our fees are not typical of conventional practices because Functional and Integrative medicine requires additional time and training. This is another reason why our services may be more expensive than those offered by other medical practices.

Our Membership Fees

We offer 3 Plan options to fit your needs


$135 / visit

Insurance billing
  • No monthly fee
  • No Supplement discount

Plus co-pay + patient responsibility as indicated by insurance

Best suited for patients looking to establish care & who expect to visit 2-3 times / year.

One-time enrollment fee of $1295. Covers comprehensive review of medical history and previous medical records along with preparation of initial treatment plan.

Add-on Supplement 15% discount (optional)
$45 / mo


$175 / mo

Insurance billing
  • 15% off Supplements
  • includes one visit / month
  • Additional visits $95 per visit

Plus co-pay + patient responsibility as indicated by insurance

Best suited for patients who need frequent visits & support to enhance their health.

* included visits must be used within the billing month, any unused visit are forfeit

One-time enrollment fee of $1295. Covers comprehensive review of medical history and previous medical records along with preparation of initial treatment plan.

Cash only

no monthly fee

    For patients without qualifying insurance plan

    Initial Consult
    Office Visit

    One-time enrollment fee of $1295. Covers comprehensive review of medical history and previous medical records along with preparation of initial treatment plan.

    Add-on Supplement 15% discount (optional)
    $45 / mo

    These fees are not covered by nor billed to insurance. Fees subject to change.
    Plus co-pay + patient responsibility as indicated by insurance

    The Spring Center Approach

    Heal and live your fullest life.

    Functional Medicine

    Refers to a style of medicine that seeks to identify the root cause of illness and remove the cause, allowing the natural healing capacity of the human body to flourish.  Functional medicine often incorporates an extensive variety of laboratory testing beyond what conventional laboratories can investigate. It is an evolution of the practice of medicine that incorporates conventional tools and cutting  edge science to better address the healthcare needs of today.

    Integrative Medicine

    Refers to utilizing a variety of healing modalities in the service to healing including but not limited to: allopathic/conventional medicine, pharmaceuticals and surgery, herbal medications, nutritional supplements, acupuncture, energy modalities, body work, ayruvedic medicine, etc. Functional and Integrative medicine practitioners are often one and the same.  They engage the patient in a therapeutic relationship and spend time listening to the patient’s stories, reviewing all the factors that can impact health and creating a personalized, comprehensive plan for healing. 

    Environmental Medicine

    Refers to recognition of the impact of the external exposures a person may encounter disrupt body function.  These exposures include chemicals, such as pesticides, phthalates, persistent organic pollutants, toxic metals, air pollution particles, as well as naturally occurring biological toxins such as mycotoxins. These invade the body leading to dysfunctions in the immune system, neurological system, endocrine system and others. Environmental medicine practitioners, then work with the patient to support the removal of the chemicals and a restoration of function and wellbeing. 

    Innovative Lab testing

    Every patient is unique, and we need to understand their individuality.  A cornerstone of our practice is to utilize both conventional medicine laboratory evaluations along with cutting edge Innovative Functional medicine testing.  We seek to thoroughly understand what is going on with our patients by recommending a variety of tests.  We also work with our patients to prioritize their tests for optimal outcomes.  We may recommend assessments of blood, urine, saliva, or stool studies as well as specific imaging studies.  

    Personalized Nutrition and Lifestyle Changes

    All the members of the Spring Center team are committed to optimizing their own health, so we know from personal experience how challenging nutrition changes and lifestyle alterations can be!  What we feed ourselves and how we manage our stress, energy, sleep, etc, are critically important is maintaining our health or serve as a foundation if we are struggling with health challenges.  We work with each patient and their unique nutritional needs and assist them in their journey towards lasting and positive change.  

    Personalized Comprehensive Treatment Plan

    Every interaction with a practitioner will result in a personalized written treatment plan.  We think of it as your To-Do-List!  We encourage our patients to maintain their records so they can actively participate in their healing journey.  Dr McCann and her team have a broad overview of your journey and these written plans are the details as to how to succeed in your healing. 

    Intravenous Nutrient Treatments

    IVs have long been utilized to enhance the administration of nutrients or even bypass the GI tract when it is compromised.  Our IV therapies include IV Phosphatidyl choline protocols which help restore cellular health.  And IV Chelation to remove toxic metals from the body in a safe and effective manner.  We also offer some nutrient IVs such as glutathione, Vitamin C and B vitamins.  

    Targeted Allergy and Immunotherapy 

    The Immune system dysregulation that occurs in chronic illness often needs to be addressed first to reduce reactivity so that therapeutic interventions such as antimicrobial treatments can be tolerated.  Both Allergy and Autoimmune disorders represent a “loss of tolerance”  of the body to either things in our environment (foods, dust mites, weeds, grasses, etc) and a “loss of tolerance” to our own tissues.  For allergy conditions, we utilize both sublingual immunotherapy treatments and LDA low dose allergy therapy.  LDA came into use in the 1960-70s by European physicians and then was standardized and taught by Dr William Shrader and the American Academy of environmental Medicine. LDA can be helpful at reducing reactions to foods, environmental allergens, chemical sensitivities and can also help modulate immune responses in certain microbial triggered autoimmune conditions.  This work was further expanded by Ty Vincent, MD who developed LDI Low Dose Immunotherapy as a method of addressing a dysregulated immune response to different infections, bacterial, viruses, fungi, etc.  LDI is more complicated than LDA and requires personalize dosing regimens. Because LDI and LDA involve premixed combinations of many different allergens/antigens, LDI and LDA are not FDA “approved”.  It is unlikely they ever will be despite having an unblemished safety record and an exceptional response rate even when administered by hundreds of different doctors throughout the world.

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