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Our mission is to partner with you on your journey of healing.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide the highest level of care for our patients by identifying the root causes of illness and empowering people in all aspects of mind, body and spirit. We acknowledge the innate ability to heal, encourage personal responsibility for choices and utilize science-based therapeutic interventions. We seek to educate our patients and staff, their families and the community on functional and integrative medicine including nutrition, lifestyle choices and prevention, genetics, biochemistry, environmental toxicants, anatomy and pathophysiology so that they may make informed decisions regarding their health and well-being. We foster a culture of mutual respect and support for our patients and staff.We continuously endeavor to provide cutting edge expertise, tools and services for healing.We partner with our patients on their healing journeys towards wellness.

Share your History & Health Goals

We take the time to read and listen closely to all the information you share regarding your medical and personal history.  We want to know you as a whole person. Your story provides the foundation for our work together.

Begin your Unique Health Journey

Using Integrative & Functional Medicine approaches, we work together to assess and address areas of imbalance, root causes of illness and obstacles to optimal health.

Time to Heal

The Spring Center is the medical practice of Kelly McCann, MD, and home to our unique membership program, Partners in Health. Founded in August 2009, The Spring Center provides primary care for adults, group visits, lectures and consultations in integrative and functional medicine for all ages.

Once you have been accepted as a member at The Spring Center, we will contact you to schedule your initial appointments.

For your initial consult, you will have two appointments:

60 Minute Initial Consult with Dr. McCann
30 minute Initial Comprehensive Physical with Deanne, PA-C(both on a separate day if using insurance)

We recommend you schedule in advance a 30 minute follow-up appointment with either practitioner, ensuring that our patients receive follow-up care. ​

What to Expect

Who chooses the Spring Center?

  • People looking to optimize their overall health & wellness.
  • People who are committed to being active participants in their own health.
  • People seeking a more natural approach.
  • Women (and men) seeking to prepare their bodies for a safe & healthy pregnancy.
  • People with chronic conditions who are looking to identify root causes of illness, address them and heal to restore them to living a vibrant life.
  • Parents who want consultative functional and integrative medicine care for their children.

What we ask of our Patients:

  • Members of The Spring Center will co-create their health and be an active participant in this journey.
  • Our members take personal responsibility in all aspects of their life.
  • Members treat everyone at The Spring Center with respect, care and kindness.
  • We ask our patients to be conscientious of what personal care and cleaning products they use in their daily life. Reducing toxic chemical exposures is healthy for the patients, the staff and the environment.

What we will do for you:

  • We will listen to you and take the time to understand you, your symptoms, your choices, and your health goals.
  • We will identify risks and areas for improvements, offering insight into mind, body, and spirit.
  • We will create a personalized care plan including nutrition & supplements and lifestyle approaches.
  • We will employ conventional medications and make specialist referrals as needed.
  • We will utilize tests and evaluations to get to the root cause and treat appropriately.
  • We will be your partners in your journey to optimal health & wellness.

Your perfect wellness getaway.

Give yourself the space to unplug & reconnect, rest & decompress, be present.

Step outside your comfort zone. ​

Take an adventure. Find your growth. Pamper your body and mind.

Nourish yourself with healthful, gourmet cuisine.

Practice yoga and breath and sweat your way to health.

Enhance your health awareness with daily wellness workshops with Dr. Kelly.  

Join us in paradise and nurture your well-being.


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